Rebellious™ | Reusable Nespresso Coffee Pods.


" It is no secret that billions of coffee capsules get thrown away after use. Resulting in outrageous amounts of waste that pollute nature ! "

- Edward Tabonsen

But we might have found a solution for that! Rebellious™ is reusable coffee pods, they help you save the environment while also saving money!

They're quick and easy to use! 

Before using them make sure their compatible with your coffee machine. Then you fill in 5g of coffee powder, don't forget to brush off the excess. Afterwards you use a tamper to press the coffee. The harder, the better. Cover the lid, put it in the machine, and voilà!

  • Ecology: The Reusable Coffee Pods last a lifetime. Avoid throwing away thousands of capsules every year saving the planet from plastic pollution.
  •  Economy: You can save up to 75% on your coffee expenses using the Reusable Coffee Pods.
  • Better Coffee: You will now be able to choose almost any coffee, either from a supermarket, or from a local roaster.

  •  No risk for Health: The Reusable Coffee Pod is 100% made of stainless steel, which makes it non-toxic when hot, compared to the classical plastic capsules.

  • Easy to clean: Our Pods are very easy to clean - by hand or placed in the dishwasher. We also include a little brush to clean the pods more efficiently.

  • Perfect gift: It is a perfect gift to a lover, friend, family member, or any coffee lover.
  • Products includedThis recyclable coffee capsule set contains a stainless steel capsule/s, 1 brush, 1 spoon and 1 seal. The brush can clean the internal stainless steel filter to keep the inside of the capsule clean.

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